Firefox to Get a new Private Browsing Mode

For most of the users on the Internet, privacy and security are two issues of extreme importance when it comes to browsing.

New browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 have already introduced a new private browsing mode in the core called Incognito and InPrivate respectively which only leaves behind Firefox.

The good news for all Firefox lovers is that as of Firefox 3.1, it will boast a private browsing mode which ensures users can’t be tracked when doing private things. The word private here may include but is not limited to acts of hacking, stealing, or surfing porn.

Some detailed features of the new private browsing mode in Firefox as listed on the Mozilla Wiki are.

  • All cookies are only stored in memory and flashed as soon as the session ends.
  • The visited sites will not be stored to the history.
  • Only memory cache will be used and will be switched to disk cache as soon as session ends.
  • Passwords will not autofill, but will be available for autocomplete.
  • Autocomplete will be available, but will not remember data entered.

Private browsing mode is not something totally new for Firefox users. They could already emulate such a mode using the Stealth and Distrust addons but perhaps bringing this feature to the core will make sure that more users can protect their privacy without the need of third part extensions.


~ by suke on September 18, 2008.

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